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At Ballistic Boats our goal is to build the best boat out of the best materials the market has to offer. That being said, we have developed the highest quality boat on the market. Starting with 100% vinyl ester resin, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar combined with our vacuum infusion process we have created the strongest and lightest hull possible. Our process produces a nearly indestructible hull design that takes down the biggest water with ease, this hull is the perfect all around base to accommodate our very open and simplistic fishing platform. Our top cap is also built with a vacuum process that creates a lighter and cleaner finished product. We also use Coosa Composite marine board in our sub floor, stringer system, transom system, and our decks. This is a no rot high density polyurethane foam reinforced with fiber glass providing a superior weight to strength ratio and also adds a ton of flotation to our boat. At Ballistic Boats we strive to give our customers their dream boat that is incomparable to any other on the market. Our timely and laborious process produces a completely custom built to order boat that shows your true style and will turn heads at every boat ramp. Custom build your dream boat and become a part of the industries new era bass boat family. Come with us as we set the standards in build quality, performance, and technological advancements. We promise this boat will leave you with over whelming satisfaction you must experience to believe. Be different, own the best, BALLISTIC BOATS.

Jim Wells started Ballistic Boats in 2015 after spending nearly 15 years in the industry. Being around bass boat's everyday he decided to take on his dream and start building his own bass boat. "I wanted to build a boat that had speed, a great ride, and was fishable ". As the owner of American Northwest Outdoors he let his employees take the responsibility of running his business so he could take the time to build his boat. "Took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build this boat and a lot of sleepless nights". 

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